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Innovation, development and environmental education
Our principles are based on agroecology

Nuestros productos

At Organicoop we care about what is truly organic. Our products are of exceptional quality and value, reflecting the ecological management of processes based on cooperative values and agro-ecological principles.


Varieties: Royal Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Braeburn y Rosy Glow

Formats: 18.2 kg boxes, 900 g bags and on request


Varieties: Beurre Bosc

Formats: Cajas de 18,2 Kg y según pedidos


Varieties: Duke, Brigitta, Legacy and others

Formats: Boxes of 12 packs x 150 g and according to requirements

Our principles are based on agroecology as a science.

We promote organic agriculture at all scale, including small and medium farmers throughout the national territory, and in turn we set ourselves the challenge of providing a wide variety of products.



Nutrient and water flow optimisation


Economic benefits



Nutrient and water flow optimisation


Economic benefits

Articulation of short-circle selling


Balanced biotic regulation

Energy efficiency

Autonomy and self-management

Articulación de venta en círculo corto

Statute and code of ethics

The code is based on agro-ecological principles such as recycling, functional diversification, resilience, self-management, cooperation, balanced biotic regulation and articulation of short-circuit sales.

Innovation and education

Innovation and development, with ecological education, are central axes. An important part of the surpluses that we annually generate will be allocated to R&D by statute, which will allow the development of business models from applied science, based on the real problems of our partners and the challenges that the future holds.

About us

Organicoop is born in 2021 in the region of Maule, Chile, and our mission is to be recognised as the best reputable producer in the country.

Our founding partners include: AFE Orgánico, Agrícola y Forestal El Yacal, Agrícola y Comercial Asturias, Agrícola Santa Isabel de Cato (ASICSA), Exportadora Frutifor, Exportadora Curicó and Centro de I+D en Agroecología.

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Agrícola y Forestal El Yacal

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